TWLA Ataturk School 9th International Sovereignty and Children’s Day – April 23, 2020

With his famous quote “Little ladies, little gentlemen, you are all the roses, the stars and the sparkling joy of our future, the ones who will elevate the nation. Always be aware of your value and significance! And work hard… We have great expectations from you.”, M. Kemal Ataturk presented April 23 to all the world’s children to emphasize that they are successor of the future. Happy National Sovereignty and Children’s Day to us all!

This year, due to Covid-19 pandemic, we invite you all to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of our National Sovereignty and Children’s Day virtually, from our homes, dressed in red and white clothes!


TWLA Ataturk School attended the Assembly of “Devoting in Linguistic Diversity Through Turkish”

TWLA Ataturk School attended the assembly titled “Devoting in Linguistic Diversity Through Turkish” organized by Turkish Library on Wednesday, February 19, 2020 in commemoration of the UN International Mother Language Day. We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Mrs. Bircan Ünver, President of The Light Millennium, for inviting us to this program; to Mrs. Necmiye Kaçaroğlu who gave a speech representing Ataturk School; our alumni Oğuzhan Ulutaş, Çağla Çetin, Gözde Pınar, Eda Ekinciler, Efehan Berk Hüyük, Onur Gürdal; our students Ekin Pınar, Zümral Hüyük, Duygu Gürdal, Meyra Hüyük; our teachers, members and friends who participated in the program.

Astrophysicist and Space Telecommunications Engineer Umut Yıldız, PhD of NASA visited New York Ataturk School

On February 8, 2020, astrophysicist and space telecommunications engineer Umut Yıldız, PhD of NASA visited New York Ataturk School and had an enjoyable, interesting conversation with our students. His scientific research focuses on observational star formation and molecular clouds. You can find more detailed information about his work on his personal website

We would like to thank Umut Yıldız, PhD for his visit to New York Ataturk School and his willingness to share his knowledge about a very engaging topic for our students.

Gürer Aykal visited TWLA Atatürk School

Gürer Aykal, one of the most important conductors of Turkey and the world, visited Ataturk School on January 4, 2020 and met with our students and parents. A great program was conducted with a concert by the Atatürk School students. We would like to thank Mr. Gürer Aykal for his visit to our school and to Ms. Sermin Özçilingir, Chairman of the Board of Directors of TWLA, for their contribution to the happening of this event.

New Manhattan Sinfonietta founded by Mr. Gürer Aykal will proudly perform “Anatolian Inspirations” at Carnegie Hall on February 8, 2020. Tickets can be purchased here.

TWLA New York Atatürk School celebrated the Teachers Day

Atatürk School celebrated the Turkish national Teachers Appreciation Day with a program put together meticulously by TWLA. We would like to thank our Deputy Consul General Bahar Karaman, Honorable Education Attache Yurdanur Aydoğan, our esteemed Consul General Alper Aktaş and our esteemed parents, guests, dear children and teachers. We would like to thank our Head Teacher Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and all of our teachers on their Teachers Appreciation Day.